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Condifent yogini & coffee lover, I believe in the power of nature and the self-concept, collector of antique keys & mugs. 🙏 Aspiring yoga teacher.

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Challenge Poses based upon Tara Stiles

Well this is my challenge of yoga poses of Tara Stiles, I’m reading her book 'Slim Calm Sexy Yoga' and this book helps me a lot with my breath, meditation and self confidence/esteem, so now I’m in the part of practicing the poses, I want to share it with you my lovely followers if you want to try it.

How this is works?

+ This is for beginners///intermediate///advanced challenge

+ You can do any pose, the poses you want to do, wherever you want, you don’t have to post any picture, if you want feel free to share it, is not for days/time, do it the best way that you can, you can add a description to your journal and share about how you feel.

+ 3 or 5 breaths in each pose

+ You can tag #yogastiles to share your pictures/progress/description - you can tag me if you want I’ll like to see your poses #yogipeach -

+ Stay Positive: Don’t feel bad and Try not to judge yourself harshly in comparison to what others are doing on their mats. Everyone is at a different place on the path. Stay light-hearted and keep your sense of humor. Laugh if you fall out of a pose, smile when things get difficult. Enjoy yourself.

+ Remember that your practice is an individual process. No one else is inside your body, so defer to your own judgement about what you can and cannot do. DON’T FORCE ANY POSE Over time, you will learn to discern the difference between something you may be afraid of or think you can’t do and something that is actually painful and possibly injurious. There is no hurry to get into any particular pose. Listen to your own body and respect what it tells you about how to practice.

Ps. You do not need to follow me /// If you need help with a name of some pose or how to do it please feel free to ask me /// enjoy it.


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